Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Blog

I am afraid that this is my first blog (first anywhere, ever) so I'll keep it brief.
I am fascinated by the interest in Vasco that is beginning to appear on the web. As an interesting exercise see what sort of 'web foot print' Vasco's commanding officer, Major Robert Johnstone Donaldson, has as compared to Vasco, the humble 'other ranker'.
Very curious about the extent of Vasco's legacy, with the distinctive 'VASCO' signature, that may be out there. Are there anymore beyond Tamar and Geoff?
As Geoff has indicated, I am off on a Vasco trail through the US/France/UK within the next month or so. My research on Vasco stems from a previous interest in his neice, the educationalist and founder of HTANSW, Renee Erdos.
Very best wishes, Geoff, with health issues.
And thank you for starting the Vasco club.

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  1. Welcome, Paul.

    My letter to the Courier Mail, submitted Sunday evening, has hitherto gone unpublished. I suppose the election rants have been given first preference.


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