Sunday, September 26, 2010

John Kendrick Blogg

*chuckle* A blogger post about a Mr Blogg.

Research into the Argus Sauce thing brings Mr John Kendrick Blogg into the spotlight. Not only was he an industrial chemist, sauce maker, and perfumer to the Victorian Governor, he was a wood carver described as "an artist with a chisel" as well as a poet and goodness knows what else. He has an extensive holding at the National Library of Australia.

The nature of the man makes it easy to understand why he and Vasco got together on the 'scurrilous' poster featuring the (apparently) rather pompous Sir Thomas Bent, a man described as being 'open to caricature'.

So why have we heard so little about John Kendrick Blogg? His woodwork is, it seems, still highly prized.

The more you look into the life of Vasco Louriero, the more interesting people you stumble across.

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  1. The more you find out about Mr J K Blogg, the more you admire the man.

    The West Australian of 28 November 1933 has a long article on the man. I quote it in part:
    "This is Mr. John K. Blogg, a wood carver, who, in spite of his 83 years, has never grown old. His hobbies are woodcarving and verse-writing, and, as he said in a letter sent recently to a West Australian friend, Father Time looks at him occasionally but, seeing he is still doing useful work, decides to leave him alone. ' Old as I am,' he wrote, 'I keep on carving, bowling and writing verses, so, you see, I have a purpose for living ever before me.' "

    A Google image search on his name brings up some fine examples of his carvings.


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