Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have been out of action for a while - nasty fever of unknown pathology put me in hospital for a bit, and slowed me down for a while longer. At least it wasn't a return of the 'orrible lymphoma.

Paul reports that he has consolidated his membership of the Vasco Club by obtaining a postcard from the "Boarding House" series. He has also ventured in the very special world of postcard collecters, as have I in the past few days. (From my assorted family postcards, I could be a little better off financially than I am currently, but they are worth more to me as family items.)

During my period of reduced activity, NLA Trove newspapers website has come out of beta, and is quite a handy tool for researching family matters and things like Mr Blogg and Mr Bent. Still can't find an image of that offending sauce advertisement, however.

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