Friday, February 4, 2011

Gwendoyln in New Zealand Electoral Rolls

The NZ Electoral Rolls have recently become available to me through

1900 - Henry Colin and Gwendolyn Dunlop at Makaraka, East Cape, Waiapu. Farmer.
1905-1906 - Henry Colin and Gwendolyn Dunlop at Waimata, East Cape, Waiapu. Farmer.
1911 - Henry Colin Dunlop, alone, at Waiau, Hauiti, Bay of Plenty. Shepherd.

This supports the other sketchy information on Gwendolyn's departure from NZ.

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  1. Colin Dunlop was my gt. uncle. I've always heard that his wife was American! big surprise to see that she is English. I don't know that I've got any further information about her but thought I'd make contact.


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