Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Breakthrough, of Sorts?

After I found Gwendoline Sargent in the Thames Star in 1896, Isabel found a mention of a 1898 marriage between a Gwendoline Sargeant and a Colin Dunlop in an on-line family history site, at a location not too far from Thames. I checked that in the NZ on-line BMD and have now ordered the certificate of the marriage of Gwendoline Sargeant and Henry Colin Dunlop. So, we have to wait a week to see if this is "our Gwen". The papers from the area tell us that Colin Dunlop was a sporting man as well as a farmer, prominent in the local Hunt Club. Mrs Colin  Dunlop also appears to have been an accomplished horsewoman, but mentions of her riding the hunt fizzle out after about 1903.

There are indications that Colin drank a bit, so maybe it was about 1903 that our Gwen decided to move on. Colin died in 1926.
Friday 28th. The marriage between Gwendoline Sargeant and Henry Colin Dunlop, in Gisborne, January 1898, was our Gwen. Parents' names match, some fibs about age and place of birth.

Also in the "Colonist" newspaper, Nelson, in June 1895 there is a shipping report of the arrival in Nelson of a Mr Sargeant and a Miss Sargeant on a ship that sailed from Picton and Wellington. An Edward Sargeant is mentioned in Electoral Rolls, and the Edward Sargent in the 1891 UK Census does not appear in 1901, nor is there a likely death registration for him. So maybe our Gwen and Uncle Edward migrated together.

(Emily Sargent also seems to disappear from the UK records - no apparent marriage, death, or presence in the 1901 census.)

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