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Vasco Urbano Loureiro, A Potted History of the Man and his Family.

1881 - Artur Loureiro, born Oporto, Portugal, marries Marie Therese Huybers in Lambeth District, London.
1882 - Vasco Urbano Loureiro born in Lambeth District, London (Brixton).
1884 - Arthur (Artur), Marie and Vasco Loureiro arrive in Melbourne in September on the "South Australian".
1885 - Arthur, Marie and Fauvette Loureiro recorded as being in Tasmania - Fauvette Loureiro's christening.
1896 - Inez Loureiro born in Melbourne.
1901 - Arthur returns to Europe.
1897 - "Tasma" (Jessie Catherine Couvreur, formerly Forbes, nee Huybers), older sister of Marie Therese, dies in Brussels.
1906 - Vasco Loureiro in Sydney, 'working' the sketching opportunities on the Sydney Harbour Ferries.
1906 - December. Vasco Loureiro travels to New Zealand. Does he meet Gwendolyn there?
1907 - Marie Therese Loureiro dies.
1907 - Vasco Loureiro sets out on his "Around the World on a Pencil" trip.
1907 - Vasco Loureiro arrives in New York (Ellis Island) on the "Cedric" in October.
1908 - Charlotte Huybers, mother of Marie Therese, dies in Hobart.
1909 - Vasco Loureiro at the Panama Canal.
1910 - Vasco Loureiro residing in Livermore, California, sketching in the Hub Saloon.
1911 - Renee Fauvette Erdos, daughter of Fauvette Loureiro and Philippe Erdos, born (3rd January) at High Cross, Colpetty, Colombo, Ceylon.
1913 - December? Vasco Louriero (and Gwendolyn Dunlop) arrive back in Melbourne.
1914 - April. Vasco Loureiro and Gwendolyn arrive in Brisbane from Melbourne and Sydney.
1915 - Inez Loureiro and Philippe Erdos die of Spanish Influenza at 35 Southlands Road, Bromley, Kent.
1916 - Louis Vasco Loureiro marries Gwendolyn Sargent in Brisbane.
1916 - Vasco Loureiro enlists under the name Louis Vasco and trains at Fraser's Paddock, Brisbane, with the 11th Field Coy Engineers. Embarks from Sydney in November 1916.
1917 - Louis Vasco arrives in Davenport, 30th January. Marched in to France 16th May.
1918 - Louis Vasco dies of meningitis following wounds, 3rd August at Napsbury Hospital and buried in Soldier's Corner, Hatfield Cemetery, St. Albans. Buried as L V Loureiro, a.k.a. Louis Vasco .
1925 - Gwendolyn Vasco in Darwin.
1926 - Gwendolyn Vasco in Sydney.
1932 - Artur Loureiro dies.
1953 - Gwendolyn Vasco dies and is buried in Lutwyche Cemetery, Brisbane, in an unmarked grave.

(Further details to be filled in when the spirit takes me.)

The only images of Vasco Loureiro that I know of are the self caricatures held by the New South Wales State Library, two of which are reproduced in  Ann Homan's book. They show a rather impish face, no doubt exaggerated by the artist.

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